There are brand-new shows. There are classic shows. There are shows that have been slowly growing in their appeal and their influence. The NATPE Reality Breakthrough Award is designed to honor those reality programs that “broke through the clutter” in the preceding year and “made some noise,” became part of the cultural conversation and generally altered our expectations of what constitutes a reality program. Original formats that have aired in network, cable or syndication are eligible. Our nominees from each category:

(Examples: The Voice, Survivor, Biggest Loser)
What were the landmark reality competition shows? Which shows had the fiercest competition? The most dramatic climaxes?

(Examples: Shark Tank, Undercover Boss, Antiques Roadshow)
What programming represents the most compelling casting, production values and narrative connection between the production and real world scenarios?

(Examples: The Chase, Jeopardy!)
What were the game-changing game show formats? Which shows offered new twists on compelling game mechanics that wowed audiences and offered a fresh approach to gameplay?

(Examples: Kardashians franchise, Duck Dynasty)
What were the gems that nailed casting with the highest production values, pace and creativity giving us glimpses into unique lifestyles and points of view?

(Examples: The Daily Show, Anthony Bourdain franchise, Cold Justice)
What shows most ably took on the news of the day, real-life justice system procedures or geographic explorations that engaged the audience with humor, explanation and insight?

The nominees and winners have been selected by a Blue Ribbon Panel of Judges including buyers, executives, agents and distributors. Check out the Reality Breakthrough Awards Finalists and plan to join us on Tuesday, January 19, for this exciting and inspiring luncheon and ceremony!  Tickets are just $90 per person and purchased as a registration add-on.

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