NATPE Navigator

The mission of The Navigator Program is to establish current services and implement new initiatives to increase connectivity, maximize deal flow and generate revenue. Guiding attendees across all NATPE markets and conferences, the Navigator Program enhances the ROI by providing a customized service unmatched by our competitors.

NATPE has always stood for NETWORKING among professionals in television and now, new media, advertising and financial organizations. From the exhibition floor, to the exhibitors' suites, to the non-stop social interaction, we are the industry's annual intersection of content and distribution. So how do you top a legacy of relationship building and deal flow? By listening - then delivering a new offering that completely changes the game. 

Over the years, we've gotten to know thousands of you. Now we want you to get to know each other. Buyers - meet the sellers presenting exactly the content you want to nab. Sellers - meet your target buyers and the sponsors seeking your content. Producers - meet the executives looking for new pitches and new hires. Everyone...welcome to NATPE Navigator. 

NATPE Navigator is a break-through networking experience that lets us open our contact list to directly connect you to the people and projects you need to succeed. In this first year, eligible NATPE Navigator participants will receive: 

  • NATPE Navigation Plan. NATPE Navigation Plan. A customized exhibitor itinerary and session agenda, tailored to your business goals and needs.
  • NATPE Navigator Introductions. Personally arranged, structured introductions to precisely the kind of conference participants you are there to meet.
  • NATPE Navigator Premium Sessions. Moderated advanced sessions to get relationships built, questions answered and deals made.
  • NATPE Navigator Events. Invitation-only events for advanced networking and socializing with professionals.

If you never miss NATPE, make the upgrade to Navigator now and maximize your time at the show. If you've never been, get a customized networking plan for maximum efficiency. If you aren't sure if you're going yet, look to your left...then to your right...and ask yourself, "Who here is offering to personally connect me to the people and sessions I need to grow my business?" Then book your flight to Miami Beach. 

Don't just network at this year's conference - get Navigated. We'll see you - and serve you - at the show.

For the pilot launch of the Navigator in Miami, we want to focus on a selected array of activities and services that will assist producers, buyers and sellers in reaching their market & conference goals. 

*Participation is BY INVITE ONLY and SPACE IS LIMITED. Please contact Jenean Atwood Baynes, Director of Navigator Relations for details.

Base package with access to key industry execs tailored to attendees/producers
● Access to the Navigator Hub
● SessionTik (Streamlined suggested itinerary routing participants to specific sessions and activities for professional advancement)
● â€œ30 Minutes With” Sessions  â€“ guaranteed reserved seating at 3 sessions 
● Lunch Bites – pre-selected and promoted “guests” during the lunch hour
● Q&A with speakers TBD – impromptu gatherings before or after sessions in the Navigator Hub
● VIP seating at all sessions (seats held until 5 minutes prior to session start)

Personally arranged, structured introductions to precisely target the kind of conference participants Navigators are there to meet

  • Navigator Silver Package
  • Matching & Scheduling Assistance (5 introductions)
  • Prominently featured on devoted Navigator VIP slides between sessions, in the weekly newsletter and on Navigator homepage on website

As an added bonus, Sell Your TV Concept Now is offering replays of their most popular sessions online:

How Adora Sold 15 Shows + Bonus Treatment Samples (Value $147) 
● Web slide show with audio
2 Downloadable treatments Adora used to sell shows to NBC and ABC Family
An evening with Adora English, TV creator, producer and media coach. Adora has created and sold 15 of her own series. Discover her pitch secrets, avoid pitch-killing mistakes, get sample treatments, learn how to attach talent, get step-by-step deal details…and much, much more.

Post Conference Strategic Follow Up with Mark and Jeanne + Bonus Worksheet (Value $147) 
● Pre-recorded call 
● Download the worksheet 

Pre-recorded call covers all the details you need for proper follow up to keep the networking and meetings momentum going.

*Additional Opportunities for Producers: We are also partnering with Sell Your TV Concept Now (SYTVCN) to offer one-on-one mentoring and training specifically for producers before, during and after NATPE 2014. 

Jeanne and Mark Simon, co-founders of Sell Your TV Concept Now, train and mentor independent producers on how to pitch with absolute confidence at conferences with a program called the HIT MAKER TOUR. The Tour includes 4 live pre-conference and 1 post conference virtual workshops. No travel required for the training. Plus, you’ll get to submit your entire pitch package for an expert review and live feedback. 

EARLY BIRD RATE is only $2500 until October 31, 2013. 
November 1 the rate goes up to $3000.

SPACE IS LIMITED. For more info about the Hit Make Tour, please visit:

Do you have questions about the Navigator program?  Please view our short list of FAQs below.

NATPE's new Navigator program is a personalized service that allows NATPE to use its networking and resources to match you to the types of attendees and session that will help you advance your professional goals.

Participation is by invite only. Please contact Jenean Atwood Baynes, Director of Navigator Relations for details.

Navigator (Silver) $200 
Meeting Concierge Navigator (Gold) $500

Registration includes: 
1) Full conference registration, including Exhibition Hall pass 
2) Membership 
3) Access to myNATPE

All completed applications must be received on or before November 29, 2013. 

Home base for Navigators. Workspace for checking emails, networking area for meetings, check point for mentors, central location for Lunch Bites sessions and Q&A with industry insiders and leaders. Great place to enjoy refreshments and take a break. Navigators will also be able to pick up conference badges and print boarding passes.