Heather Hale's PRO Pitch ▪ Unscripted/Reality ▪ Pitch Prep Consulting Services

Creative Analysis$195 per project

      Have you pitched your program several times but still haven’t managed to get any traction?

      Are you going in to pitch your show for the first time and you want to knock it out of the park?

This one-hour conference call (or video Skype) will offer an in-depth review of all the elements of your project including (as relevant): the type of show, format, episode structure, season and/or series arc(s), host(s), subject matter experts, tone, genre.

Market Analysis$195 per project

      You’ve fine-tuned your project and are confident that all the creative elements are locked and solid. Still, you need to get a handle on the marketing angles that will be the difference between a “pass” and the perfect pitch. 

This one-hour conference call will review the project’s most likely potential buyers (distributors, financiers or sponsors), prospective attachments (including relevant and appropriate potential hosts, stars, subject matter experts, show runners, etc.) and possible approach strategies; demographic assessment; possible product placement ideas as well as a verbal critique of any and all marketing materials provided (such as:  loglines, synopses, treatments, one-sheets, leave-behinds, trailers, sizzle reels, investor presentations, business plans, packages, proposals, websites, website outlines, social media marketing plans, distribution plans); and suggestions for possible ancillary transmedia opportunities (i.e.: affinity marketing opportunities, platform and/or social media video games, blogs as promotional platforms); and alternative distribution possibilities.

Pitch Practice$150 per project

One-on-One (or partners or even whole Team) 45-minute Video Skype, Google Hang Out or telephone Pitch Practice Role Play: honest, kind, professional pitch critique; proactive, constructive analysis; effective, immediately implementable structural suggestions, identifying the emotional and marketing hooks and directed pitch rehearsal(s). 

Professional Polish$300 per project

You only have one chance to make a first impression - in person, on the page and on all the screens. Make sure you’ve made an excellent, lasting impression (and leave behind). Professional paper editing suggestions for your trailer and existing pitch marketing materials will help you put your absolute best foot forward with your sizzle reel and catch typos, fix spelling errors, improve your grammar, clean-up formatting and offer stylistic suggestions to provide market-ready materials for your PRO Pitch appointments (and other opportunities).

Logline* Review & PRO Pitch Catcher Hit List$99 max 10 loglines

Beginning your pitches with great loglines should entice the Catchers to want more – and request your materials. Submit one-sentence summaries of your various projects and receive an unbiased, professional ranking of them in terms of projected marketability, key words identified (and improved), constructive polish suggestions and a hit list or which 2014 PRO Pitch Catchers that might be the best fit for each project.

*A logline is the hook - ideally in 25 words or less - that piques initial interest. Ideal loglines will reveal the project’s high concept, sources of conflict (drama), introduce the Host(s)/Subject Matter Expert(s)/Contestants - and intrigue the listener/reader as to how the project will deliver in a unique and interesting way – episode after episode.

Combo Discounts (on the same project):

Creative & Market Analysis Combo$295 per project (25% discount)

Pitch Practice and Professional Polish Combo$360 per project (20% discount)

Total NATPE PRO Pitch Prep Suite of Pitch Prep Services$754 per project (20% discount / $185 savings)

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To purchase these services or for more information about them, please contact:

Heather Hale
NATPE PRO Pitch Coordinator