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Millennial Keynote: Come Meet Your Audience

How Talent is Changing the Game of Distribution and Connectivity to Audiences
Over the last few years as the media and entertainment landscape has been disrupted the explosion of social media has given traditional and digital Endemic talent something it has never had before - direct access to their fans across the globe. Distribution is no longer just controlled by major entertainment conglomerates and it is now the talent that are changing the rules of audience engagement. Out of this phenomenon have risen a number of new digital first companies who are capitalizing on these trends and building businesses via transactional and subscription models that are finding early success. Who are these new companies and how are they challenging traditional entertainment models that have been around for decades. We will hear from the leading executives at these companies who are truly pioneering and changing the rules of the game.

Speakers Confirmed To Date:
David Freeman, Co Head of Digital Talent & Packaging, Creative Artists Agency
Seth Jacobs, Vice President of Business Development & Partnerships, Victorious
Jon Klein, Founder & CEO, TAPP

Live As A Trend
While live streaming has been a huge part of the online gamer experience for years and quickly adopted in Asian markets, there have been a number of companies bubbling up and refining their approach over the last 18 months with an eye toward appealing to a broader content creator base including vloggers, musicians and news publishers in the US. These platforms have created a new layer of interactivity and perhaps more importantly, a new venue to be discovered. These platforms are creating new stars and new outlets for monetization. What differentiates these platforms, who are these next-gen stars and what monetization strategies will win the day? Join us as we hear from the execs and stars building the future of live streaming.

Andrew Graham, Digital Talent Agent, Creative Artists Agency
Lori Schwartz

A Conversation With Nielsen
Innovation is key in an ever-changing media landscape and as a result it is imperative to have evolving true third-party measurement. With this in mind, Nielsen is advancing local TV services by providing clients with reliable, accurate, true-person exposure data and complete local market coverage. This enhanced measurement service will provide actionable audience estimates, enabling precise buying of persons-level data to uncover the true value of local audiences in a cross-platform world. Join Nielsen senior level executives and special guest as they explore what it will take to advance local television measurement across this rapidly changing landscape and how Nielsen can help to arm both buyers and sellers with the ability to transact with confidence. 

Short Form Content: How Engaging Content is Created, Produced and Positioned with Purpose (Presented by NATPE & The Consumer Technology Association)

Facebook Live Town Hall

Speakers Confirmed To Date:
Monica Austin, Strategic Partnerships, Facebook

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