Exhibitor Press Portal Instructions

Step 1:  Log into your account.  You must be your company’s Show Guide Editor or Exhibition Contact in order to use the Exhibitor News Portal as it is part of the Exhibitor Express module.

Step 2:  After login, you land on your personal profile.  Click on the Exhibitor Express tab.

Step 3:  After clicking on Exhibitor Express tab, you land on the Market Guide Wizard tab in the Exhibitor Express module.  Click on the Exhibitor News tab.

Step 4:  After clicking on the Exhibitor News tab, you land on Exhibitor News.  There are three buttons on this page:  from left to right:
                Button #1 – This displays the number of News Release Credits you currently have in your account. 
                     Everyone starts with three release credits, one to execute a press release on each day of the conference. 
                     When you publish a new release, the credits available drop by one.
                Button #2 – Click the “Add Release” button to add a press release.
                Button #3 --  Click the “Buy More” button to purchase more release credits.

Step 5:  Click on the “Add Release” button.

Step 6:  Enter your press release information into the exhibitor news press release page.  Release Status allows you to select whether the release is live to the public or not, and you can select a date in the future for your release to go live by changing the release date.  Once a release goes live to the public, a release credit is taken from your account.  Click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page when your release has been entered into the system.

Step 7:  After saving your release, PUBLISHED releases will appear under the Published Releases tab, releases with a release date set in the future will appear under the To Be Published tab until the date for publication comes to pass, and press release DRAFTS will appear under the Drafts tab.

Step 8:  If your press release is set to PUBLISH and not to DRAFT, your release will appear on https://www.natpe.com/exhibitorNewsFeed.xml for RSS syndication across the web as well as on this page on the NATPE.com website: https://www.natpe.com/press/exhibitorNews