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Breakfast Panel with the Reality Majors

The Big Six: Launch It Here and It Will Go Everywhere
Creating a global hit is getting tougher all the time. However, if a show becomes a hit on one of the world’s top channels, it is virtually guaranteed to become “the next big thing”. Hear directly from development executives at arguably the six most important channels in the world: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and BBC and ITV. A unique, one of a kind session to learn what the biggest networks are looking for.

Philip Gurin
, President - The Gurin Company

Speakers Confirmed To Date::
Kate Phillips, Controller of Entertainment - BBC
Peter Davey, Head of Comedy Entertainment | Broadcast - ITV Studios Global Entertainment

Networks & Producers in the Age of Disruption
Rapid changes in technology, social media, and consumer viewing habits are redefining the “cable network” model, which in turn is putting unscripted producers and production companies under increasing pressure to produce more for less. Challenges in development funding, series budgets, size of orders are calling into question “the way things are done.” Both networks and producers are feeling the heat   but are these merely short term challenges in need of a few tweaks to fix? Or are they profound structural shocks that cry out for a complete re alignment of a decades old business model?

Bruce David Klein
, President & Executive Producer, Atlas Media Corp.

Speakers Confirmed To Date:
John Ford, General Manager, Nonfiction Producers Association
Marc Graboff, President, Global Business & Legal Affairs, Production Mgmt and Studios, Discovery Communications
Brent Montgomery, CEO, ITV America

K7 Showcase: A Year In Reality - What Happened and What’s Ahead

Danny Kershaw, International Research Manager, K7 Media

It’s Been Ages! When the Hell Are We Going to Have a New Global Hit?
In contrast to the massive growth of the scripted business, how come there hasn’t been a huge new worldwide hit format in many, many years? What are the market conditions that are preventing a new format from going global? Where is the creativity? What’s wrong with the pipeline? What are the attitudes of the buyers? How has consolidation helped or hurt the creative side of the format business? And what is being done to break through and get that next format to the world? An all-star panel of global players will reveal the secrets to solving this urgent mess.

Latin Television: The Future Cannot Look Like The Past (¡En Español!) 
With increasing financial pressures at home, and a global shift in the way commercial television is created and distributed, channels and producers are facing a critical juncture – how to satisfy audiences hungry for new while budgets are being reduced. Hear from some of the biggest names in the world of Latin American television. Buyers, creators and distributors will share their unique insights about this enormous – and enormously challenged – arena. ¡No te pierdas esta! (Note: this panel will be conducted in Spanish.)

Nicolas Smirnoff, Director, Prensario

Overseas Potential for U.S. Producers
Presented by PactUS and FRAPA

Speakers Confirmed To Date:
David Lyle, President, PactUS

Dynamic Duos: Talent and Producer Partnerships 
Creating hit shows that can spawn franchises demands sharp creative, producing prowess and talent able to connect with audiences and drive social conversation. Whether focused on celebrities with built-in brands and fans bases, or unknowns whose stories and personas propel them to fame, today’s biggest reality and non-fiction hits require teamwork and partnership between producers and talent. In this session, producer-talent pairs discuss the process of creating their hits, what it takes to keep them in the zeitgeist season after season, and the challenges that often come with success.

2017 NATPE Reality Breakthrough Awards
The 3rd Annual NATPE Reality Breakthrough Awards are designed to honor those reality programs that “broke through the clutter” in the preceding year and “made some noise,” becoming part of the cultural conversation, and generally altered our expectations of what constitutes a reality program. We will recognize those shows and personalities that became the talk of the industry and the nation. Which shows attracted the most interest? Raised the most controversy? Garnered the most praise? If it was part of the national dialogue, it deserves to be nominated here. These breakthrough shows are leading the conversation when it comes to talking about Reality and Non Scripted programming. Plan to join us on Tuesday, January 17th, for this exciting and inspiring luncheon and ceremony!
Our EXPANDED Categories for 2017:
  Reality Competition
  Unstructured Reality
  Structured Reality
  Factual Entertainment
  Reality Hosts

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