NATPE Scripted

Programming Track Description
Right out of the gate, NATPE Scripted brings Drama into focus with a new, dedicated series of sessions providing unparalleled, state-of-the-art information. Our agenda will allow you an immersive, “script to screen” overview of this vibrant universe of globally-viewed storytelling. Hosting dynamic panels, one-on-one sessions, and curated Master Classes with top-level creators and executives from around the world, this track and initiative features a robust and wide-ranging program featuring internationally recognized producers and distributors, networks and digital platforms sharing invaluable inside information. From developing a pilot to broadcasting award-winning series with loyal audiences in multiple countries on multiple screens, every aspect of the format will be examined. Join us as the world of unforgettable characters and globally engaging storytelling is explored by those who bring it to life!.

The Players
Dan Erlij
Brent Miller
Mark Greenberg
Morgan Wandell
Greg Lipstone

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