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BOOKED: Learn From Media Experts How to Get the Best Talent for Your Television Shows. 
You’ve created your content. Secured your distribution. Now, it’s time to find the talent to pull it all off. Please join Guestbooker President George Uribe and a panel of seasoned professional TV bookers for an engaging discussion on the art of television booking. Learn first hand how it’s done. There is a process to finding the right talent for your television shows. The guests must not only have unique point of views, but they must also be media savvy.  Where do you begin seeking these individuals? And once you find them, how do you retain a good relationship with them for the future? The panelists will share insider war stories from the newsroom, the green room, and from the field. You’re not the only show who wants these highly sought after guests. So how can you edge out your competitors and get the best talent for your show? Booking television talent is indeed an art — come learn how it’s done from the professionals who do it every single day.

Speakers Confirmed To Date:
George Uribe, President,

Renewing Shows vs. Finding New Syndication Models: Which is the Stronger Play?
The traditional formula for developing and launching shows has changed dramatically. The new models for getting from point A to point B have upended the world of syndication for both studios and stations. In today’s environment of increased leverage due to consolidation and decreased real estate due to news expansion how do you bring a new program to the marketplace and insure that it has a real chance to work? Importantly, what does the future hold for the long term partnership between the traditional content providers and station groups and how do the rules of the game need to change for both to be successful?

Finding Your Path to the Market: Customizing Content for Local and Regional Audiences
Consumers increasingly demand deeper ownership, variety and user convenience across the whole of their television viewing experience ― from the content they watch to the devices they use to watch it. Knowing the true nature of a local or regional audience has never been more critical as a result. The heartbeat of any broadcast station is engagement fostered by localized content, driving both station loyalty and increased success for advertisers – who, like the audience, have a finely developed sense of what constitutes a programming “success.” Developing new content in partnership with the studios will be crucial to the industry’s future. But the ability of studio development teams to listen carefully is paramount, and collaboration is essential, or the current rate of progress – only 1 out of 15 new projects actually makes it to the local market – will continue. oWith Ellen and Dr. Phil likely to retire in the next 5 years or less, there has been no program that has developed the much-sought-after “halo effect” that maintains viewership across all day parts. Our panel of leading executives in the field will discuss how they are developing programming for specific audience segments, the challenges of creating their own fresh content, and what it takes to move a show from concept to ratings success with local viewers. It’s a conversation no local broadcasting executive attending NATPE17 should miss.   

Stories that Belong on Digital and Stories that Don’t: Different Platforms, Different Content 
The explosion of digital short form video is mind boggling in its depth, variety and reach. From network-supported comedy bits to user-created submissions becoming viral phenomena the audience, especially younger demos, is exponentially accepting the format. Digital video - be it a news clip that sparks national, or even global, conversation or the latest from a leading YouTube influencer - engages in ways unlike TV shows. Savvy broadcasters are starting to monetize these views and keep their localized audience engaged beyond a 22-minute duration, while understanding that 100 million views is a wholly different measurement than ratings success. TV’s storytelling ability - when it is good - engages viewers minute after minute, hour after hour, year after year, and is monetized over the long term. The quick-response cross-over opportunities in short-form content offer station groups a new avenue to audience loyalty, from linear/digital game shows to regional brand-driven digital content. Broadcasters exploring the digital waters face fundamental business-model questions: is a TV show the grail after digital successes? Or is it a distraction from monetizing the digital audience? Will short form migrate to long form at a greater rate going forward as some station group experts anticipate, and how will this shift impact local and regional broadcast opportunities? Our panel of speakers from across the industry spectrum addresses those issues and more in this compelling NATPE Station Group Summit session.

How GMs Lead in a Digital World

The Non Traditional Launch: Who You’re Talking To and How You’re Getting It Done

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