Premium Programming for a Digital Audience: The New Era of Latino Media Companies

Latinos represent the fastest-growing segment of the US population, and one of the most desirable for media companies and brands looking to reach new audiences and consumers. In this session, two experts in the medium explore the evolution of media from the traditional flow of Talent to TV Network to Audience to the emergence of direct talent relationships with their fans, for the direct benefit of consumers and advertisers. As the entertainment landscape for Latino in the USA keep evolving, who is going to create the genre-defining, franchisable intellectual property for this underserved but critical group? What kind of skill sets and capabilities do entertainment companies of the future need to possess in order to succeed in the digital world? Luis and Emiliano will share some examples of past experiences and will give a peek of what’s coming up in the near future.


Brent Weinstein – Head of Digital Media, United Talent Agency


Emiliano Calemzuk – Co-Founder and CEO, RAZE

Luis Balaguer – Co-Founder, RAZE

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