Station Group Forum Part 2

Station Group Forum Part 2

Making the Most Out of ATSC 3.0: How Next-Gen TV Can Drive a Broadcast Revenue Renaissance

Next Gen TV has the power to create a renaissance of revenue within the television industry. With the recent approval of ATSC 3.0, broadcasters have a wealth of new opportunities to build, engage and better monetize their audiences. Covering topics such as interactivity, personalization, addressable advertising, audience measurement and more, this session will provide unique insights from industry leaders on the near and long-term impact of Next Gen TV on broadcast television.

# David Amy
# Deb McDermott
# Lucy Hughes
# Andrew Finlayson
# Lew Leone
# Anne Schelle

Verance – Measure, Enhance, and Protect TV, Video and Film Content.

Aspect is a foundational component of the next generation TV standard, endorsed and adopted by the major broadcasters. Designed for the future of television, yet compatible with current broadcast standards, deploying Aspect today positions you for tomorrow’s business success.