Sharon Rechter

Sharon Rechter co-founded First Media — a lifestyle media company that owns and operates four media properties focused on clever ways to live better.

As President and Head of Business Development for First Media, Sharon has grown the business from a single linear cable channel to a global media business with over 200 employees and teams in 3 countries and 5 major U.S. markets. In less than two years, its social brands became #1 in the world in views-per-post and engagement-per-post on Facebook by a significant margin.  First Media’s So Yummy, Blossom, Blusher and BabyFirst generate over 1.7 Billion monthly video views on social media, have more than 114 million followers and its TV network BabyFirst reaches over 60 million US TV homes. It has also created the world’s best performing sponsored videos on Facebook in both 2017 and 2018. Companies like Walmart, Unilever’s Breyers, Dunkin’, Sony, FinishLine, ABC, and Facebook itself are just a few brands taking advantage of First Media’s ability to build and activate audiences worldwide. 

As a woman who embodies the mission of the business as a do-it-all woman and mother of four, Sharon has also been committed to helping women lead inspired lives. She often speaks and mentors nextgen women on entrepreneurship, women in leadership and the power of the millennial mom. She was also sourced by the United States government as a thought leader on ways to benefit the modern-day woman, at a federal level.

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