The Future of TV and Data: Inside The Leader’s Playbooks with Anthony E. Zuiker, Tim Spengler…

The television industry is changing, and players in the space are feeling the pressure to win. With the proliferation of viewing options and destinations, there are more routes for storytellers and original content to reach audiences. In a world where OTT services like Amazon, Netflix, and TV apps are growing, networks are not the only ones calling the plays anymore, and marketers have to find and reach viewers that are continuing to spread out and fragment. Data is becoming more of the driving force behind the initiatives of TV’s big players who are trying to make smarter decisions and score big in an evolving landscape. So what does everyone’s data playbook look like? Does the success of streaming services stem from better data and algorithms…or simply better programmers? How is data inspiring creative direction for programs? What numbers matter the most on the scoreboard in terms of metrics, live measurement, and currencies? What are marketers doing to adapt spending strategies in this new reality? How will the TV business change now awash in data? Attend this high-level session to hear how top industry leaders make sense of it all.


Tim Spengler – President & Chief Revenue Officer, Simulmedia


Anthony E. Zuiker – Creator, CSI & CYBERGEDDON, Dare to Pass

Will Seccombe – President, Revolution Strategy, LLC

Daniel Rosenberg – Founding Partner, Piro Inc

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