The Science of Popularity: Content Demand in Latin America

With consumers viewing content across multiple screens and platforms, and in a variety of ways — live streaming, bingeing, downloading — conventional ratings and panel-based measurement tools just aren’t providing media companies and content producers with an accurate picture of what shows and genres are resonating with viewers in Latin America. And with Netflix and Amazon holding their consumer data close to the chest, how do we know just how well it measures up to broadcast and pay-TV originals? During this presentation and conversation, we’ll learn how big data analytics and artificial intelligence are being used to take the guess work out of gauging if a show is really popular with viewers or not. By establishing new standards in measuring global audience demand for content, media companies, producers and distributors can now be armed with data that can improve the way they make buying, selling, marketing and development decisions. Though these datasets have already impacted content transactions around the world, in this session we’ll give special focus to Latin America, by looking at SVOD/OTT trends in the region, how broadcast originals are competing with digital originals, and what the future holds for the media business throughout LatAm.

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Parrot Analytics: Leading global audience demand analytics across TV, Movies and Talent

Demand is the currency of the attention economy Parrot Analytics has developed a metric to rate not only the number of viewers for given shows, but their likelihood of attracting subscribers to a streaming service.” Capturing audience demand from 2B+ people globally DEMAND360 captures demand signals in every country on the planet.