Unscripted Breakfast Insights and Discussion Part 3 – Unscripted and Unafraid

How Unscripted Industry Leaders Drive Revenues and Explore New Models in the Ever-Shifting Unscripted Television Landscape

How has an increased investment in locally developed content affected format sales? Are we seeing an uptick in the sales of paper formats across boarders? With an increase in global buyers and multi-national channel groups, how has that affected the value of unscripted content around the world? Higher cost to acquire and fewer buyers with urgent needs. Studios tied to these growing network groups have launched significant television distribution businesses over the last 5 years. Sky Vision, FX Studios, Studio Canal, Turner International, Red Arrow, DRG, Talpa, ITVS, Viacom, A+E Studios, etc. What advantages or disadvantages do these groups have in acquiring and monetizing top content? Is the bundled risk shared between channels and studios of the same group too high or is the model sustainable? How does it affect the creative considerations of the channels/platforms? Is there an opportunity for multiple studios to partner and share risk? What about unscripted co-productions between channels? Where can independent distributers add value and make a difference? How have Netflix and Amazon and how will Apple, YouTube, etc., disrupt the unscripted business and how will their global original production needs play out? Is there a place for formats?

# Eli Shibley
# Ben Samek
# Mike Beale
# John Pollak