NATPE V-Front™ with
TV5MONDE, Horowitz Research,
Verizon Consumer Group,
Liberty Latin America,
and Virgin Media

Content Distribution on a Global Scale:
MVPD’s and the Worldwide Content Market

The astounding and disruptive growth in viewer adoption of OTT should
not mask the fact that MVPDs remain far and away the largest conveyors of
content to the homes and screens worldwide by any measure. The relationship between content producers, rights holders and networks with MVPD buyers is more important and more different than ever.

Immediately in advance of NATPE Virtual Miami, the first & largest virtual event of the year, join us on December 15th for an intense one-hour session with those in executive charge of content acquisition at MVPDs with global scale.

What is the state of linear, on-demand, pay TV and SVOD/OTT consumption
patterns? How are MVPDs responding? What is the MVPD outlook on the
future and the content market? Where do the traditional and OTT distribution markets intersect? What is the new normal in distribution deals?

Join us on December 15th for a one-hour session packed with strategic
insight on the direction of the MVPD content market.