Dilan Çiçek Deniz

Dilan Çiçek Deniz, who was born in Sivas in 1995, spent her childhood in Antalya. She started his theater education in İsmail Baha Sürelsan Conservatory between 2009-2012 during his high school years, and in 2012 he won the Acting Award at the Antalya High School Theater Competition. Dilan Çiçek Deniz, who is also closely interested in literature, published her first poetry book at the age of 15, and the writing of her second book is still ongoing. After studying for 1 year at Ege University, Department of Tourism Guidance at the university, she realized that what he really wanted was to read literature and continued his education in Istanbul Bilgi University Comparative Literature Department. She still continues to take singing and piano lessons.

When Dilan Deniz was 19 years old, she became the 2nd in the 2014 Elidor Miss Turkey beauty contest and represented our country in the Miss Universe contest in 2015. She received her acceptance from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2017 and studied acting there.

Dilan Çiçek Deniz, who first appeared in the series “Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar”. After her performance in “Bodrum Masalı” series, she won the “Shining Star Award” at the Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards in 2016. Lastly, he gave life to the character of ‘Sena’ in the TV series “ÇUKUR (THE PIT)”. It attracted all the attention with its performance in the project. She won the “Actress of the Year” award at the Magazine Journalists Association and Yeditepe University Awards in 2018, and the “Rising Actress of the Year” at the ELLE Style Awards in 2019.

Her first feature-film experience was Netflix’s first Turkish movie “Tomorrow One Ticket”. Deniz, whom we see in the digital world as well as in the television world, is the leading actor in the mini-series “INTERRUPTED”.