Kerem Bürsin is a Turkish actor with a career touching screens across the globe. Born in Istanbul but raised all around the world, Bürsin has always had a passion for communicating and storytelling. After attending Emerson College, Bürsin honed this into a budding acting career. Following roles in Los Angeles — such as Roger Corman’s Sharktopus (2010) & Palace of the Damned (2013) — Bürsin decided to move to his city of birth: Istanbul.
Shortly after his move, Kerem’s career in Turkey took off and he landed the lead role in director Altan Dönmez and D-Production’s TV show Günesi Beklerken (Waiting for the Sun, 2013) which would become a hit phenomenon landing him several awards, commercial deals, and recognition throughout regions across Eastern Europe and the Middle East. After a successful 56-episode run, Bürsin accepted a role with one of Turkey’s most famous and important directors Çagan Irmak to be in his film Whisper If I Forget. Then again teaming up with director Altan Dönmez to star in the hit tv series Matter of Respect, the Turkish remake of the famous Italian mafia TV-Series Il Ristretto D’Honore. Soon Kerem was featured in films and TV shows garnering global recognition such as Best Actor award at the Seoul International Drama Awards. He also opened up BraveBorn Films, a production company that co-produced Kelebekler (Butterflies), which won the 2018 Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury award, and an eight-episode vampire mini series which was sold to Netflix.

Kerem has also been outspoken about gender equity and the role of men in feminism, having collaborated with the United Nations’ Women and UNICEF. Calling attention to femicide, rape culture, and the ways our language upholds a society where women are deemed ‘lesser,’ Kerem has stirred up conversations moving beyond social media and to major publications such as BBC, CNN, and NTV — the national news channel in Turkey. To this day Bürsin has worked with and became the Turkish face of many worldwide brands such as Under Armour, H&M, Hublot, Nescafe, BMW, Nike, Budweiser, & Lipton Tea.