Onur Guvenatam
Founder & Executive Producer
OGM Pictures

Onur Güvenatam is the Founder and Executive Producer of OGM Pictures.

Born in Ankara in 1985, Onur Güvenatam is a Turkish Producer who is best known for the hit TV series Kırmızı Oda “Red Room”, Masumlar Apartmanı “The Innocents”, Vatanım Sensin “Wounded Love”, Istanbullu Gelin “Evermore”, Hakan: Muhafız “The Protector” and Atiye “The Gift”.

At the age of 29, Güvenatam co-founded his first media company which led the Turkish and Middle Eastern television industry with its drama-based TV series. Over the course of his career, Güvenatam created more than ten hit TV series among which Wounded Love was awarded the “Best Drama” and “Best Screenplay” for the year 2017 and Evermore was nominated for the “International Emmy Award” of 2018 in the Telenovela category.

Keeping a foremost aim to craft controversial projects, touch upon the edgy stories that no one has attempted before Güvenatam aims to pioneer the change in the market, develop ground-breaking projects from digital content to feature films.