The connected world has fashioned the latest creative outlet. These continuous, episodic works of dramatic fiction from over-the-air, cable, satellite, and internet broadcasters each capture a new diverse audience. This first-ever discussion will tackle the best practices, production, distribution, and monetization in a concise, focused one-day event.

The ideal event for those in the business of creating, distributing, and promoting scripted or non-scripted, episodic video programs designed for audiences of “web” television.

The fast-paced, two-hour program includes keynotes, case studies and panel discussions about new production, distribution, technology, and promotion to an ever-growing audience of diverse segments.




This event is for those who are already in the business of web series, those interested in the business, and those who are just getting started. This includes executives from production companies, distributors, promotions agencies, unions, brands, networks, connected tv providers, audience measurement and research firms, talent, and students.

• C-Suite / Studio: CEO, COO, CTO/CIO, GM, President, EVP, SVP, VP, Head of Strategy
• Marketing –CMO, Audience Acquisition
• Brands
• Media Buying Agencies –Advertising, SEO, Media, Digital
• Business Intelligence –Data Firms, Analytics & Metrics, Research
• Technology –Aggregators, A.I., Trends
• Investors –Owners, Business Dev. Executive
• NATPE Board of Directors + Members
• Trade Association members including NAB Show Leadership

Conference Agenda Topics:

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